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Commitment to Vision::Le Spot Productions, Tirana.


Established in Tirana Albania in 2005, Le Spot Production SA has a renowned
reputation for delivering innovative and professional services, providing
exceptional turnkey solutions in design and implementation, delivering
exceptional TV commercials and productions, event management, design and
construction and special services, accommodating every requirement of our
clients global marketing needs.

Our philosophy lies in our strong appreciation and creation of superior design
and originality, our focus driven to ensure that our team of specialists delivers
every requirement to our clients to maintain constant enduring value and
exceptional quality in the communication of their message.

Founded as the in-house production company of the leading Advertising
Agency Ashley & Holmes, this provided the ideal foundation to progress to a
production company of the McCann Erikson Worldgroup Hellas in 1998, and
such progression bringing further growth to develop into one of the leading
Production and Event Management companies of Europe, operating today as a
key member of the Ashley Worldgroup South Eastern Europe company.

During the past year, Le Spot has entered an exciting stage of expansion,
opening offices in SouthEastern Europe and soon in the Middle East, a
testament to our strong reputation, an opportunity to manage and create the
most spectacular international events with the highest standard of technology,
the international expertise of our designers, technicians, producers and project
managers delivering innovative and powerful solutions and service.

Le Spot is confident to supply a full turn key service, from design concept, to
development and production, to project management to implementation,
providing the highest levels of personnel and equipment.

Through its continuing efforts to integrate the highest standard of technology
and development into its design and services, Le Spot has established an
impressive client base, supplying to Government associations, to TV networks
and channels, to leaders in telecommunications, to Olympic Organising
Committees, and to leading retail multinational players.

Le Spot Productions is committed to successfully delivering their vision and will
equally commit to delivering yours.

Corporate Profile in Detail

Le Spot Productions SA manages and creates the most spectacular Events
and the most innovative TV Commercials, through the efficient allocation of
developed resources and appreciation of time and budgets.

Our Facilities

Le Spot operates its main headquarters from a fully comprehensive facility of
privately owned offices and production studios in Tirana

Our culturally diverse international team, our facilities, resources and continually
developing infrastructure collectively ensure that our clients’ local and
international requirements are effectively and efficiently met.

Our Scope of Services

Le Spot’s core business lies in PRODUCTION – be it a TV commercial, a radio
spot, a video clip, 3D animation, a promotional tour, a press conference, an
award ceremony, a live concert, a World Expo pavilion, an exhibition – Le Spot
Productions understands and delivers an immense portfolio of productions
annually, fully supporting the marketing and promotional activities of our clients.

Collectively and independently, Le Spot Productions offers the following key

TV & Commercial Productions

Event Management

Design & Construction

Special Services
TV & Commercial Productions

Le Spot has developed a specialist reputation both in Albania and internationally
for offering integrated and solid solutions for the following production sectors:

TV & Radio Productions
Life style television programmes, TV advertising commercials, radio spots,
creative media, fillers, and advertising photography – our fully experienced and
reliable team of producers and technicians offer innovative and powerful results,
utilising the highest level of technological solutions.

Video music clips
Working with major artists, from the creation of a concept, through its
development and project management, a fully integrated solution is
successfully produced.

Corporate video
Our team understands your marketing requirements to produce your message
and create and manage the right content for your corporate and promotional

Location Shootings
From a vast archive and resourceful network of locations, landscapes, sites
and buildings, Le Spot can find the right shooting location both locally and

Casting Services
An extremely well developed archive of actors, models and performers, as well
as having strong co operations with leading model agencies ensures that the
right support cast for your production requirements is delivered both locally and

Post Production Services

A full complement of highly experienced technicians deliver a full complement
of post production services: Image retouch and synthesis, 3D animation,
special effects including flame, after effect, avid and sound suites, dubbing

Event Management

Events and promotions marketing has become a key service as government
authorities and multi-national corporations demand a more creative solution to
effectively and powerfully communicate with the public or potential clients.

Our award winning team’s knowledge and expertise ensures the development
of an innovative and effective concept and our project management and
producers ensure a smooth turnkey implementation, on time and within budget.

The following key services offer a complete event management solution:

Event Planning – Programming – Management – Implementation
From the understanding of your requirements, our team creates the ideal
concept and effectively programs and manages its implementation, operation
and logistics, determining the precise objectives, financial planning and budget
control and time schedules.

Venue Selection
From research and experience, the right venue will be selected according to
the event profile, the objectives and delivered in line with the highest health and
safety regulations and crowd control criteria.

Technology – audio visual content & special effects
State-of-the-art technology and our experienced team of technicians and
producers provide full audiovisual content – image, sound and projection –
using the highest standard of equipment and technical support. We can also
deliver live and recorded TV broadcasting in accordance with your

Artists and Celebrities Booking
Whatever the theme, Le Spot’s experience and database of celebrities and
artists will ensure that the most effective entertainment and performances – be
it musical, dance, out-of-the-ordinary and unusual, will add the “spectacular”
element to your event.

Public Relations
Pre and post publicity campaign, advertising, promotional flyers, invitation cards,
promotional gifts – Le Spot Productions will design and implement your PR
requirements to ensure your event is a success.
Le Spot Productions has the experience, creativity and management to
successfully deliver a full range of events:

Promotional Marketing
New product launches, brand campaigns, road shows, and sales promotion –
turnkey solutions to reach your clients directly.

Volunteer Programmes
An innovative way to communicate your branding message directly to the
public by providing a public service, our team’s strengths in project
management, logistics management and human resources delivers an
innovative event, managing teams of volunteers and a variety of locations over
an extended time schedule.

Conferences & Meetings
Understanding the importance of image, Le Spot Productions effectively create
and deliver theme conferences for corporate meetings, arrange press
conferences, and deliver corporate gala dinners and celebration events.

Le Spot is a live entertainment production company, providing the strategy,
programming and services for special events, award shows, corporate and
independent music concerts and artistic events, cooperating with internationally
appreciated and prized artists from around the world.

Stage Performances – Concerts and Shows
Creating a staged event venue for a performing artist, or the complete
implementation of an award ceremony or fashion show, Le Spot Productions
provides a turnkey solution from the creation of a concept, research and
planning of the venue, ticketing and security, venue build and full audio visual
coverage using state-of-the-art image, sound and projection technology with
complete technical support and delivery.

Le Spot Productions will also record and broadcast live or recorded footage in
accordance with our clients’ full requirements.

Integrated Public Events & Performances

Le Spot Productions plan and deliver an event for any festival or celebrational
occasion, creating and implementing a theme and programme to effectively
integrate the excitement of the public. Le Spot’s ability to provide innovative
concepts, from computer interactive programming to theatrical productions that
combine exciting visuals, projected content, music, choreography, audio visual,
performing artists and state-of-the-art special effects will ensure a dynamic

A 1 day event or programming numerous shows and activities in various
locations over a longer period of time, Le Spot Productions will deliver your

Design and Construction

Le Spot Productions in-house construction facility operating from privately
owned modern 3500sqm workshops provides comprehensive and high quality
solutions in wood, metal, plastic fabrication, in addition to spray painting,
signage production, electrics and lighting.

Working closely with the team of designers and project managers, Le Spot
Productions delivers the most cost effective and quality integrated solutions to
your design and construction requirements.

World Expo Pavilions, Exhibition Stand & Stall Booths
Turning a creative concept into a reality, Le Spot Productions offers a turnkey
solution to design, build, install, dress and offer hospitality support to deliver the
most effective marketing environment, nationally and internationally. Whether for
a 2 day event or a 6 month period, inside or outside, Le Spot produces the
highest quality of innovation to ensure the most powerful message is delivered.

Exhibition manufacture and installation – lighting – audio visual – flooring –
signage and graphics – furniture & accessories – promotional material -
hospitality - catering - security

Interior Architecture
Le Spot Productions conceptualises and creates commercial interiors that will
enhance the unique identity of your image and products.

Point of sale - flagship store - corporate offices

Advertising Signage – Building & Vehicle Wrapping
Utilising the highest standard of digital technology, Le Spot Productions
provides the most effective solutions to your branding requirements – at an
event, at an exhibition, at point of sale, on a vehicle, on a building.

Staging, Sound and Lighting Installations
Whether part of our event management service or as an independent
requirement, Le Spot Productions will build and install your staging
requirements, with any floor of your choice, fully complemented with the highest
standard of audio visual and lighting equipment and content management.

Special Services

At Le Spot Productions, our team’s creativity and experience, our
resourcefulness, our innovation, insight and vision, and our professionalism
means that any requirement to ensure our clients’ marketing needs will be fully
met, at any event, on any occasion.

Our Commitment to Quality & Service

Le Spot Productions SA is committed to quality service and quality products.
Our commitment to continuously invest in infrastructure and technology and
most importantly, in our people, confirms this commitment to quality.

In addition to our regular in house training progammes, our team of
professionals has the opportunity to work on international projects and within
the developing global network of our company to contribute valuable
experience and growth to their skills and service. These objectives ultimately
bring continued success to exceed the highest standards of our clients.

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